The FPHEC is a great opportunity for undergraduate students at HEC to improve their knowledge about finance. 

The management of a real portfolio and the training that we give internally allows our members to acquire solid aptitudes focused on the real tasks of a financial analyst, such as macroeconomic analysis, selection of quality securities and financial modeling.

Networking with our former members is also very important, either to create long-term relationships, for tips on the hiring process or simply to clarify career choices. Every week, a finance professional meets us to talk about his career path and his current job.

Executive Team

Alexandre Minville President
Pierre-Hugues Forest-Le Sieur Managing Director
Stéphanie Rondeau Managing Director

Global Macro

Benjamin Elemond Macro Strategist
Georges-William Croft-Lebel Analyst & VP Finance
Simon Constantineau Analyst

Metals and Mining

Jean-Sébastien Gagnier Portfolio Manager
Jacob Carignan Analyst
Gabrielle Cormier Analyst

Consumer and Healthcare

Étienne Gauthier Portfolio Manager
Eugenia Turculet Analyst
Philippe Proulx-Rocray Analyst
Raphael Plante Analyst


Simon Campbell Portfolio Manager
Philippe Vézina-Tardif Analyst & VP
John-Nathan Chung Analyst
Eugénie Lemieux-Martin Analyst


Chester Liu Co-Portfolio Manager
Marc-Olivier Archambault Co-Portfolio Manager
William Vallières Analyst
Benjamin Abou Analyst


Etienne Gravel Portfolio Manager
Camille Caron Analyst
Étienne Duquette Analyst
Aurore Carles Analyst


Gabriel Hamelin Portfolio manager
Claudie Lachapelle Analyst & VP
Antoine Campeau-Vallerand Analyst
Louis Pichet Analyst

Board of Directors

Jacques Lemay Guest Professor, Department of Finance
Jean-Philippe Tarte Full-time Lecturer, Finance, HEC Montréal
Pierre Lapointe Founder, LuxArbor Institutional Positioning
Patrick Bui Director, Investment Banking, RBC
Antoine Racine Corporate Banking Analyst, HSBC Canada
Carl Dussault Senior Analyst, Intact Investment Management
Philippe A. Bouchard Manager, Private Equity, PSP Investments

2018 Graduating Class

Julien Desgagné Strategist Special Projects
Mathieu Cloutier President
Jordan Di Corpo Managing Director
William Beaudry Managing Director
Adam El Ghazali Portfolio Manager
Chester Liu Co-Portfolio Manager
Aurélie Desjardins-Michaud Portfolio Manager
Louis-Charles Gauthier Portfolio Manager

2017 Graduating Class

André Masse President
Jérémie Lebel-Guay Fund Manager
Vincent Lamarche Fund Manager
Clarisse Quellec Portfolio Manager
Jean-Benoît Courchesne Macro Strategist

2016 Graduating Class

Jérôme Tardif President
Akram Bencherif Managing Director
Louis Arsenault Managing Director
Maxime Rose Macro Strategist
Antoine Gélinas Portfolio Manager
Naomi Francoeur-Vallière Portfolio Manager
Lindsey Gresham Portfolio Manager

2015 Graduating Class

Gabriel Grenier President
Yannick Martineau Goupil Managing Director
Antoine Camus Managing Director
Jonathan Brun Portfolio Manager - VP External
Timothée Bouchon Portfolio Manager - Treasurer
Marc-Antoine Miron Portfolio Manager
Sophie Tremblay-Sabatini Macro Strategist
Thomas Raoux Portfolio Manager
Simon Paquette Portfolio Manager
Jean-François Charette Analyst

2014 Graduating Class

Vincent Forbes President
Maxime Nonglaton Managing Director
Jean-Christophe Aubert Managing Director
Jasmyn Beauséjour Macro Strategist
Alexandre Buissières Portfolio Manager
Oren Reich Portfolio Manager
Samuel Leroux Analyst

2013 Graduating Class

Éric Gauthier President
Antoine Racine Senior Portfolio Manager
Chloé Raby-Roussel Senior Portfolio Manager
Marc Munschy Portfolio Manager - Treasurer
Gabriel Lavoie Portfolio Manager
Gabriel Laurin Portfolio Manager
Charles Lamarre Portfolio Manager
Philippe Caron Portfolio Manager
Viviane Mercier-Donateli Analyst
Jean-François Goyette Analyst

Organizational Chart 2018 - 2019

Organizational Chart 2018 - 2019

Consult the FPHEC's detailed organizational chart for 2018 - 2019

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