Philippe Vézina-Tardif

Analyst & VP

Philippe received his Bachelor's Degree in International Business Management in May 2017. He has distinguished himself throughout his path by becoming the president of the finance committee of the Board of Directors of the Coopsco FX-Garneau . His constant work for the cooperative has enabled him to finish the president of the board and to be recipient of numerous prices such as the best student administrator of the Coopsco network.

His passion for the financial markets and the entrepreneurial world began at the age of 14 with the reading of several books on Warren Buffet. It became real with the participation in several pitch, case study, sales and market simulation competitions, where he always ensured that he reached the top spot on the podium. In addition, Philippe has for nearly a year now been the co-founder and director of business development for PhaseOne Media, a web marketing agency offering digital strategies for more than 50 real estate brokers, dentists, sports centers, chiropractors and other local businesses.

Despite his interest in music and philosophy, finance is for Philippe a vocation that FPHEC allows him to develop continuously.

Last update: October 4, 2017

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