Aurore Carles


Born in Toulouse, Aurore has decided to move to Canada to continue her scholarship after achieving her secondary school diploma, major in mathematics, with honors. She will graduate from the trilingual Bachelor of Business Administration of HEC Montréal, major in Finance, in 2019.

Her curiosity and eager to learn led her to develop several passions including piloting aircrafts, learning languages, and playing the piano and the guitar. Aurore has also practiced karate at a national level and obtained her black belt at the age of 14.

Willing to get involved for the influence development of her school, she actively manages academic competitions and events throughout her first year.

Very interested by the field of finance that requires rigor, alertness and versatility, she joins the student investment fund at the beginning of her first year as an equity analyst for the industrial sector.

Last update: September 1, 2018

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